About Ravens Ornaments

Hi!  Ever since I was a small child, I have enjoyed drawing. I started by drawing mermaids and princesses.  I was a voracious bookworm and I drew inspiration mostly from Mother Nature and the fantastic worlds and characters found in world mythology and folklore. They still continue to inspire me.  I also love anime and cosplay. 

I draw everyday and lately I have been experimenting with alternate canvases and have been putting my art on jewelry and wood.  I also believe firmly in giving back to the community which has helped nurture me through out my life. As a result, one of the first items I sold was a charity piece at a charity auction. I hope that each one of my pieces resonates with someone and brings them the same happiness making it brings me.

My Process

I usually start by sketching on paper. Once the sketch is complete, I then add color with various mediums. My favorite are watercolor and alcohol markers. I do not usually finish a painting in one sitting and come back to it to finish it layer by layer as the paint dries. I then scan my art and end up transferring or printing it to various substances. These substances can include shrink film, wood, fabric, etc I then seal the printed/ transferred image in resin to make it durable and water resistant. I then add the various elements needed to pull a jewelry design together.